Joomla! 1.5 & 2.5 Development

Justin Tucker | Joomla Guru | Joomla DevelopmentJoomla! is an extremely versatile platform that serves many small business operations and even large scale enterprise level corporations.  Joomla! is a robust and scalable platform.  For business plans that call for natural growth, the Joomla platform can grow with your company very seamlessly.

This means that minor or even major changes to any aspect of your business will rarely translate into a complete overhaul of your website.  It also has built in user permissions and can make easy work of showing different functional elements on different pages, allowing you to make your site as dynamic as you are creative.  This also makes it a great platform for strategically integrating marketing material or other affiliate material, through its use of module positions.

The Joomla Community is very supportive and VERY generous.  Hackers are always trying new things and security issues large and small are addressed with lighting speed, keeping your platform ahead of the curve, even ahead of expensive proprietary software.

It is a very solid Content Management System with many user friendly editing features and very creative optimization options and extensions.  It comes standard with many useful components such as:  News feed manager, media manager, article manager, banner manager, link directory manager, user management, and much more.

There is very little a Joomla! platform won't do, especially with the release of Joomla 1.7.  Between it's powerful core, and the thousands of extensions, plugins, modules, and components, this versatile open ended platform often makes one of the best choice for most any business plan.

Services with Joomla!  include.

  • Joomla! Installation
  • Joomla! Configuration
  • Joomla! Customization
  • Joomla! Plugin Integration
  • Joomla! Component Integration
  • Joomla! Module Integration
  • Joomla! Template Integration
  • Joomla! Custom Template Creation
  • Joomla! Search Engine Optimization
  • Joomla! Updates
  • Joomla! Database Backups

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