Jim Carl

Client Name: 
Jim Carl
Testimonial Date: 
Thursday, September 8, 2011


Just wanted to stop by your site and say a big THANKS to you for helping me through your outstanding video tutorials. I'm consulting a Christian ministry helping them design a new site and ultimately revamping their main site using Joomla. They asked for a lot of community type features, so I figured this is the time to learn Community Builder. I was overwhelmed with CB and had no clue what to do and where to start, so of course I went to YouTube. I sifted through some truly horrible tutorials including 11 year olds whose Indian accents were so thick I could not understand them.

Then I found your outstanding tutorial series on CB. It made my life SO MUCH EASIER. Your explanations are concise, clear and easy to follow. I literally placed YouTube on my extra monitor and worked my main monitor - and as you stepped through the tutorial I installed and configured and implemented CB on our website! Wonderful!!! BTW, I am donating my time to this ministry, who otherwise would not have the $ to hire your very worthy services, so I'm not cheating you out of any business. :-)

And then, I find your latest video on Artisteer. Oh my goodness! I have spent hours on the web searching for templates to do what I want, or can be modified to do what I want, and have been frustrated beyond measure, and once again sat through your EXCELLENT pair of videos (old and new) on Artisteer. I am sold! I will be ordering my own copy for the little bit of web consulting that I do. Thank you soooooo much. I promise you that when anyone asks me for a reference for a developer, I will send them your way. Keep up the great work and best wishes!

Painted Post, NY