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PlanetTucker.com is an Oklahoma based Web Building firm, specializing in dynamic Drupal platforms for small to enterprise level businesses.  I've been serving clients locally and world wide since 2007.

It remains a paramount priority to give business models of all types a professional, attractive, and functional online platform.  Your business requires a website that is effective, attractive and easy to manage - in other words Dynamic.

It is very important your website is developed correctly the first time with "big picture thinking".  Save your firm thousands in future I.T. costs as you achieve "webmaster independence".

A few sites I've done...

This is a page that is constantly growing, represents a small fraction of what I've done in reality and is always in need of an update :o  Projects are simply listed in alphabetical order and added when time allows.  Some have further descriptions when opened.  Once opened you'll also be able to flip though each page like a book.  

Note: In the footers of these sites you may see different 'designed by' names.  This is when the website was developed and/or designed by me but another agency found the client and hired me to build the site.  The exception is QuantusMedia.com, which is my company and represents more of my 'corporate' face :| <- that is my corporate face.

Finally, keep in mind the actual live site may vary from the screenshot.  This is because I am a big advocate of webmaster independence, and give full control for my clients to make changes as they see fit.  It is also because my screen shot maker doesn't like flash for some reason :(

Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development
Oklahoma Web Desgin | Drupal Development

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Contact Me

Mailing Address
Justin Tucker
P.O. Box 601
Edmond, OK  73083

405-361-8400 :: Cell
405-509-5390 :: Google voice
405-348-9724 :: Fax

planettucker@gmail.com :: alternate email

Portfolio List

List is always outdated. It is simply sorted alphabetically.

1 405 Kite
2 A1 Glass & Mirror
3 Aamcomp.com
4 Aaron Tuttle Weather
5 All Oklahoma Roofing
6 American Chevy 360
7 Amish Homestead Furniture
8 Anatolia Services
9 AnglerHub.com
10 AskWiseCounsel.com
11 Atlas Realty Chicago
12 Bank Lane Bistro
13 Big Foot
14 BioPolymer Industries, Inc.
15 Blackrock Services
16 Boats N Moore
17 Bobby Marshall Jr.
18 BrrPaw
19 BVTexas.com
20 Car Loans Tulsa
21 ChargerFC
22 ChordFonvielle Photography
23 City of Altus, Oklahoma
24 ConnieCenac.com
25 Conveyor Belt Training
26 Cornucopia Project
27 Cotton Bowl Trade Days
28 Ctonpoint
29 Dalumco
30 DCI Dura Coatings
31 Design Architecture Plus
32 Desire Home Consignment
33 Distinc Detail Arizona
34 Doublecross Bikes LLC
35 Dunamis International.net
36 Eat Healthy Cravings
37 Ebsco Springs
38 Elaine Arnold Law
39 Elite Network Solutions
40 Ellis OK
41 Elm Hurst Court
42 European Auto Specialist
43 eVapesOK.com
44 Family Law Section
45 Forest Creek Edmond
46 Free Move Free Money
48 Gleenpool Chamber
49 Glitzzy Events
50 Goebler Company
51 Good As Gould
52 Grace's Gourmet
53 Hammerhead Racing
54 Health Nut Cafe
55 HeroStraps
56 Hitch It Safe LLC
57 Homes From The Webb
58 Hyndai Loans
59 HypoxiaCanada.org
60 I Want Content
61 Iatai
62 Joe Webb
63 Johnson Family
64 Journey Sanchez
65 KartunesOK.com
66 Kast Farms
67 Keith A. Jones Law
68 Keith Haney Racing
69 Kelly Feldhake Law
70 Kellys Dazzle Dog
71 Kenzy
72 Kindred Sisters Soap Company
73 Lake County Appeal
74 LaPlaya-Properties.com
75 LawFirmSoft.com
76 Libertyville Massage
77 Lindsey Emery Photography
78 Little Light House
79 Lov Cupcakes
80 Mad Money Magazine
81 Made In Oklahoma Coalition
82 MainStreet Libertyville
83 Matt Mitchell Fishing
84 MetroUSports
85 Milagro Ranch
86 Moth Guard
87 MPS Security
88 My RC Center
89 My Shared Place
91 Newberry Welness Center
92 OKC Cellular
93 OKGrown.com
94 Oklahoma Academy of Collaborative Professionals
95 Oklahoma Bar Association Family Law Section Trial Advocacy Institute
96 On A Mission Charities
97 OU Center For Spatial Analysis
98 Overholt Heat and Air
99 PatcoElectric
100 Premier Chemical
101 Principles Come First
102 QuicAgent.com
103 Ratheal Maggard Fortune PLLC
104 Red Eagle Feather
105 Resolve Pest Solutions
106 Resolve Pest Solutions
107 Richmond Signature Homes
108 RK Pinson
109 Roca Circuits
110 Rocket Ice
111 Rocket Ice Micro Site
112 Rusk Lock and Key
113 Safety Sentry Inc
114 Sams Wireless OKC
115 Sasser Capital
116 Senior World Media
117 Sexton Companies
118 Shadow Creek Woodard
119 Sherry's Drug
120 Show Low Bluff
121 Signature Furniture Flower
122 Sileagen
123 Simply Chopped
124 South Gate Cafe
125 Spade Security Group
126 Start Your Vending Business
127 Stolz Telecom
128 Stop Eye Glasses Slipping
129 Sun Manufacturing
130 Taylor Builds
131 Teammate Connection
132 The Recovery Coach
133 Threshold Choir
134 ThunderOklahoma.com
135 Tri-County Fence & Deck
136 Tucker Law Frim
137 Tulsa RV's
138 Tulsa Urban Gardens
139 Twilight Shuffle
140 Underwater Services L.L.C.
141 USAGEM.org
142 Venergy Group
143 Vitality MCC
144 Wand It Well
145 Writers Research Group
146 Zelias Thinking Spot
147 Zoom Apartment Finder