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Differences In Client Care

I recently had to sadly sever relations with a long standing business contact because of our difference in business philosophies, especially when it comes to client care.

So I thought this would be a good opportunity to illustrate how some firms work, and hopefully educate you on what to look for.

Drupal VS. Joomla VS. WordPress

So which is better - Joomla, Drupal ​or WordPress? 

Those new to the CMS world will learn this is a heated debate.

For those seasoned you know it all too well. I felt it was time to give my 2 cents on the issue and hopefully clear up some confusion.

I won't doom you to the end of this page, the answer is simple to this question:  DRUPAL

Email Issues

This has been such a redundant topic it merits some attention.  This article is to serve both as an explanation and recommendation.  

Function Versus Form

Do Looks Matter?

I’ve gone toe to toe with graphic designers and marketing professionals on this matter.  The following is MY OPINION and will clearly be arguable, but nonetheless I’ll convey my argument.

In the years of doing this I’ve had plenty of clients that were WAY pre-occupied with how their site will look.  So much so it actually hindered the functioning and productivity of their web site.  This type of mind set seems to place ALL value of the web site and what it can offer in terms of visual esthetics.  

How Do CMS templates work?

CMS = Content Management System

Many who are used to static HTML pages often have a natural confusion as to how a CMS template really works.  They are more accustomed to functionality and form blending together.  This page will explain what a CMS template is in general concept.

With a CMS or CMF (Content Management Framework as in the case of Drupal), the template and platform core are two totally separate things.

I’ll give an analogy of a car to illustrate this.

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