Kate Munger

Client Name: 
Kate Munger
Testimonial Date: 
Friday, April 20, 2012

Dear Kim and Justin I would send this on creamy heavy paper to carry the weight of my gratitude, but I hear you are moving shortly, Kim, and I know how things can get lost during that kind of upheaval. I want both of you to know how grateful I am personally for the care you have taken of our precious work and the website that expresses it so beautifully.

It is gorgeous beyond my wildest imagination, useful beyond my ability to dream it and responsive and generative in a way that has already, in the first 2 weeks that it has been up, blown my mind and sent me to my knees in gratitude. It's funny how I didn't realize we were so tardy in our web response. Now I'm really embarrassed at how long we limped along with our old website (that NOW seems like it was outdated within a year of its creation).

We are endlessly fortunate to have found you two AND had Ellen and Cathy to create the bridge from the choir to you two. What a fabulous team. So my gratitude is boundless and if you need a quote from us, I'd be honored to say, "Imaginations Everything and Kim and Justin gave us more than we could have imagined in a website, were collegial, kind, deeply respectful and wildly creative. I highly recommend their work."

Thanks so much. Blessings, Kate