Family Law Section


Project Description

Drupal website for a section of the Oklahoma Bar Association.  The section is The Family Law Section, and currently the only Oklahoma Bar Association section that has a manual.  For over a decade a group of attorneys were delivering the manual through a nightmare pdf product on a CD.  Since the manual contained over 2500 pages, reference links, linking between pages, and expected changes as laws evolved made updates to the manual very impractical and expensive. 

The drupal 6 book module and ubercart were used to sell annual subscriptions to the content.  Not only is adding and editing content muck easier, but now changes are preserved through the revisions module, taged with the author who is responsible for the content, and subscriptions and user roles are all automated through PayPal. 

Finally, end users have more options to view, sort and organize the content as true work of research and not some CD with pdf docs on it.